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Exclusivity, originality and innovation combined with years of experience in both the Fashion and Dancesport worlds...have allowed our designs to be admired and appreciated worldwide.

Our mission is simple: We want to make our customers happy by turning their dream dress into a reality.

It is because of our tireless dedication, along with our expertise and commitment to quality, that we are able to offer you a superior product, one which not only satisfies but exceeds your expectations.

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To all our customers...

It has come to our attention that there are people (SCAMMERS) who are trying to sell on websites such as ALIEXPRESS, EBAY, ALIBABA, etc... fake versions or copies of our dresses.

These scammers in fact steal the photos of our gowns from our website or Facebook page and use them for their scams attracting people with an ''incredible price'' and of course our photos.

They usually remove our watermark from our photos and replace it with a different one but lately they have been trying to sell ''our designs'' without even replacing the watermark, hoping to look more convincing and attract even more people; that's why we have been forced to change our watermark, it now covers the entire picture.

The only people authorised to sell our products are, besides us and our official retailers, (which are indicated on the PARTNERS section of our website), our sponsored couples only.

If you see someone trying to sell one of our dresses on ALIEXPRESS, EBAY, ALIBABA, etc... he is simply trying to scam you.

Don't buy a copy... when you can have an original!

Amelie Petrillo